Have a look at our back stage visit to Faro airport



On the 11th of October the Chamber organized a backstage visit to Faro’s renewed airport, in collaboration with ANA Airports and Transavia. It turned out to be a unique opportunity to see the airport from behind the scenes. Ana Aeroportos currently manages over 50 million passengers per year in Portugal, and we got some insight in the operational and logistics aspects of managing the renewed airport of Faro. During the tour we got a demonstration of the recent aquired firetruck, which would not be out of place in a Starwars movie, and by one of their birds of prey. The latter are born, bred and trained at the airport to ensure no birds are around when planes are landing or taking off. As final part of the tour we had a look at the warehouse were all luggage is assembled and handled. New technologies provide for quicker and more safe handling methods. Newly developed mobile check-in counters also provide for an opportunity for passengers to check-in at other places than the airport (for example: at their hotel, resort or outside the airport when the weather permits). It turned out a fun event with lots of opportunities to network, also with members of our fellow members of the British and French Chamber of Commerce. To be repeated ! We would like to thank the following people/ organisations for their support: Ana Airport, our liaison office Frans Spijker and Transavia

For more info and pictures: https://www.ccph.pt/news/have-a-look-at-our-back-stage-event-to-faro-airport_238