Nice to meet you



I am Tim. I am Dutch and we moved our company to Lisbon last year. We look forward to connecting with the community. I met Marjon at the Lisbon Investment Summit (where we got to know about this community for the first time).

I am curious to meet dutchies living/working in Lisbon!

My best,



Hello Tim,

Thank you for joining our forum :slight_smile: The Chamber is having an annual boat trip on the next 5th July. It might be interesting for you to attend to the event since several of our members will join as well. Take a look at the event link to know more about it.

Looking forward to meet you!
The Team


Hi Tim,

I’ll be at the boat trip as well, would be good to meet up there!


I´m not Dutch, but I did live in the Netherlands for a while (married with a Dutch). As I´m quite involved with the Startups ecosystem, maybe would be nice to have a coffee and chat with each other.
I´m going to the next event of the Dutch chamber on 5th of July (“Leão holandês boat). Maybe we see each other there…
Teresa van Oerle /



Hoi Teresa,

Yes, I’ll be there, would be great to meetup! I’ll wear my T-shirt so I’m easy to find :smiley: