Welcome to our Community!


Welcome to our community! :earth_africa:

This is a platform where members and non-members can interact and discuss how can they expand its business between Portugal and The Netherlands, share business opportunities and know more about relevant activities and events.

Our network consists of entrepreneurs and business managers that enjoy helping each other. We hope this forum will contribute to also enhance your business.

Looking forward for your contributions!

CCPH on its best dynamic form!


On the 19th of July, Mr. Armando Cruz, one of the board members of CCPH and owner of CRUZIMPEX, visited the factory facilities of Miguel & Miguel, one of the main iberian pork producers and processing plants of Portugal. Mr. Armando da Cruz was accompanied by Mr. Pedro Almeida on a detailed tour of all the different departments and was very well impressed with the infrastructure as well as the quality of the products in terms of production and packaging methods.

Furthermore, Mr. Armando da Cruz is convinced that the products of Miguel & Miguel will have a good acceptance in the dutch market. A comercial agreement can be established between both companies to explore new distribution channels overseas.

Miguel & Miguel issued a statement " We are happy and eager to start this partnership. CRUZIMPEX is a well respected company with strong international business partners, hence associated with our high quality product standards will undoubtely be a good venture for both companies".

This is just one more of the many good examples of the networking benefits that the members of the Chamber can benefit from each other.